Tech Recycling Done Right, LLC  is a central and south Florida pioneer in responsible IT asset value recovery, recycling, and retirement solutions for the businesses of all kinds, and institutions. We have been in business for about 20 years and are conveniently located in Florida.

For larger enterprises, we will provide the best disposition solution for your needs, whether it is a simple collection at one location, full-service asset auditing, multiple site pickups, multiple company auditing, data eradication, packaging, and/or shipping logistics.

Choosing an IT asset recycling and retirement partner is a significant decision. We have earned the trust of the general public and our clients, and we are pleased to demonstrate, through our people, technology, and procedures, that we can earn your trust as well - serving as your responsible, secure, and dependable IT asset recycling and retirement partner.

Our objectives for our customers are as follows:
• To maximize the value of recoverable equipment;

• To meet the organization's data security requirements;

• To meet the organization's environmental regulation standards;

 To fulfill any reporting requirements for your organization;

 To easily integrate into your existing handling and disposal operations;

 To increase your organization's return on IT investment

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