TRDR Florida offers the following e-Waste Recycling and electronic asset management services.

Asset Management (ITAD)

Are you a business, a school system, or a government organization? TRDR Florida offers to handle your asset dispose at the end of its useful life and offers income share on certain expensive gadgets.

e-Waste Recycling

We can make the most of your outdated computer equipment thanks to our thorough recycling strategy. We remove parts that can still be used to create fresh, practical products. The remainder will be carefully disposed of to reduce the chance of harmful contamination.

Large Electronic Recycling Pickup

We provide pickup services at your location in the central and south Florida areas, if you have a significant volume of electronics that need to be recycled.

Data & Product Destruction Certification

After data and/or products have been destroyed, serials will be given with a certification certificate upon request.

Spreadsheet Reporting

An easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet with a comprehensive audit for asset tracking and disposal is available upon request.

Free and Easy Electronic Recycling

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