Naples Area Electronic Recycling

 Trusted – 20 Years of Global and National experience with logistics, tracking, on-line reporting and the best over-all ROI (Return on Investment)
✓ Maximizing value – our recovery, reuse and recycling options ensure you receive maximum value from your end of life IT, communications and electronic assets
✓ Compliant – We obey all local and federal legislation, as well as e-stewards and r2 requirements.
✓ National and Global Logistics – spanning five continents with strong logistical and partner support
✓ Leaders – leading the way in sustaining valuable resources
✓ Ethical and track-able – full asset tracking to ensure your equipment is always handled responsibly, real-time on-line reporting for all clients.
✓ Data secure – government standard data destruction methods, including On-site shredding.
✓ Cost-effective – continuous investment and resale-ability of all technology, our processes ensures high rates of recovery and cost effective solutions and ROI’s
✓ Secure – with data security in mind, our facility is locked down and safe.
✓ Health and safety culture – following ISO14001 policies, together with our secure facility, ensures a safety culture that assures the health and safety of our clients and staff is never jeopardized.

Looking for the most environmentally friendly and efficient Naples area electronic recycling, and hard drive destruction? Look no further than TRDR Florida.

TRDR Florida is an eco-friendly organization that is dedicated to the disposal of office, communications, and IT infrastructure by recycling used electronics (e-scrap) in the Sunshine State, Florida. This means strict guidelines are present to protect the environment. This also means that your data is always protected. All items that hold data are destroyed properly. The TRDR Florida  recycling method will give you peace of mind that all of your items are recycled utilizing best practices. This is why companies like Tampa Electric, Sykes Enterprises, Publix, and Citizens Insurance turn to TRDR Florida for their IT asset disposition needs. We serve a multitude of industries including and not limited to:

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Banking
• Business Services
• Construction
• Data Centers
• Defense
• Education
• Hospitality
• Medical Facilities
• and Government

We are your local eWaste recycling company with the Naples community in mind. We are involved in community projects that help keep our city clean and give back to our residents. If you have a project that you think we should partner with, don't hesitate to contact us.

Electronic devices contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and other poisons and carcinogens. Most landfills no longer accept e-waste and there are laws governing e-waste disposal, which is why we offer responsible recycling that is fast, efficient, secure, and environmentally approved.

Whether you are in need of Naples area electronic recycling on a commercial level or just looking to get rid of any of your old electronics, TRDR Florida has you covered in your area as well as in Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, and Duval County areas, Orlando, and Tampa Bay Area. Click the button below to contact TRDR Florida with any questions and schedule a pickup today and check out our 5-star reviews about our services.

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